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Kuy and MollyRecently (1st July) the DPI updated it’s legislation to mandate that all horse owners must now keep a record of any movement of their horse from the property in which it is kept. A Property Identity Code (PIC) must be recorded along with the date, time, location moved to and PIC of that location if applicable, and the description of the horse/s being moved.

There were a lot of questions and quite a bit of angst within the horse community after this change to legislation was publicised. People were wondering why all of a sudden they must keep such detailed accounts of horse movement and how they should go about it – a diary, pieces of paper, on their phone notebook… That’s when it hit me, we should create an app to track our horses movement. I checked the app store to see if there was anything out there already to save me doing the work, but nothing…

Personally I have two horses, one that I agist in Slacks Creek and who I take out to events about once a month and another who I recently purchased from near Mt Tambourine and sent to my fathers in The Palms to be broken in for about 6 months until she can return to me in Slacks Creek.

This to and fro for me would be enough of a logistical nightmare if I were to try and record it in a diary. I can’t imagine how other people with many more horses (say for instance in the racing industry) would handle such an administrative task.

So we set to work on the app and we decided that the following were important inclusions:

* A profile for the rider – PIC number, address etc
* A profile for each horse – breed, gender, height, colour, markings etc
* A table of records for each time the horse is moved with drop down lists for regularly visited locations/PICs.
* The ability to record vaccination data, farriers visits, dental visits etc
* The ability to forward all information contained within the horses profile to a new rider or owner.

We are working on further inclusions too, but for now this should make life a lot easier for myself and my fellow equestrians.

The app is going to be called Horse Tracks, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you want to be updated on the app’s progress please like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SmartBusinessClinic/

Or email direct to info@thesmartbusinessclinic.com.au and we will let you know when the app is live.

Cheers, Kuy


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