Advertising Horse Tracks – Waybill, Movement Record, DAF/DPI

Horse Tracks on Google Play App storeToday was a monumental day for us – the release of the Andriod version of Horse Tracks, which meant that we had completed our mission!! Finally we had released our app in full. This was a relief as so many people flooded our Facebook asking for it! We needed to get it out there ASAP. We worked until 2am last night in order to get it working well. So far so good.

We are now on our next mission which is getting the app out into the world.?We?want to work with pony clubs, charities, event organisers, breeders and even possibly the racing industry if they have a need for it.

Up until tonight we had solely used Facebook to promote Horse Tracks, but now I think we need to step it up a gear.

If?you have any media contacts such as people at local newspapers (especially of the rural variety), TV reporters, journalists, online news writers etc we would love to hear from you. Ideally it would be great to see this app helping all equestrians in Queensland and hopefully one day Australia.

Now I must be off to think of new and exciting ways to get the word out there…. Let me know if you have any suggestions – Kuy


Horse Tracks on iTunes

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