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Horse movement record requirements?

The requirement to record animal movements was expanded under new laws that commenced on 1 July 2016.

Every time you move a horse off the property where it is kept, you must create a movement record. This means whether you are going for a ride down the road, taking your horse to the vet or going to the local pony club, you need to create a record.

A movement record must be created every time any of the following animals are moved off a property:

  • One or more cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, bison, buffalo, deer, camels (e.g. alpacas, llamas) or equines (e.g. horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, zebras
  • One or more birds that are raised for human consumption (poultry) or the production of eggs for human consumption (e.g. chickens), or that have been released into free flight since they started being kept in captivity (e.g. pigeons). This applies only to a person that is registered as having 100 or more designated birds
  • One or more bee hives.

A movement record can be kept in any format (electronic or hardcopy) as long as it includes the required information. Examples of movement records are diary or logbook entries, notepad or exercise books, emails, text messages and horse health declarations.A movement record must be kept for two years and must include the following details:

  • Name of the person completing the record
  • Location details of the place from which the animal/s is being moved from
  • Location details of the place the animal/s is being moved to
  • Date of the movement
  • Species and breed of animal/s
  • Description of animal/s including distinguishing marks or features (e.g. brand)
  • If you are moving a horse across the tick line you must also have your movement record in your possession and must state on the record that your horse is tick free and what procedures you have followed to achieve this.

You can create one movement record for multiple trips. For example, if you take a horse to the local pony club every month you can record all the details once and list the new dates each month.If you are receiving a horse on your property you must either create a movement record or take a copy of an existing movement record. You are receiving a horse if a horse is being delivered to your care, this includes if a horse stays at your place overnight, you are a vet, or you are an event organiser.

If you are moving a horse and there is no receiver, only one movement record needs to be created.

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