Horse Tracks Competition to win a Matchy Matchy Set!

Leading up to the release of our new app “Horse Tracks” updated features?(out this week),?we black bluethought we would pay it forward and run a competition to win a Matchy Matchy Set of horse tack including halter, bell boots, saddle pad, bonnet and bandages worth over $185, on our Facebook page?(The Smart Business Clinic). Matchy Matchy?Sets are a small, Queensland owned & operated business, based just outside of Cairns. You can find them on Facebook here or jump onto their website for further information.

We posted the comp just after?3:00pm on August 30th and the response has been absolutely incredible!! To date the post has reached (meaning number of people who have seen the post) 165,130 people with 1,503 comments?and 1570 shares! We did not expect that at all! We were just hoping to get the word out about our app and to give horse riders something for free because we all know how expensive it is keeping a horse and buying tack for them!

Horse Tracks App

We’re so excited to release our apps new features?(to make it more compliant with Biosecurity Queensland’s legislation) including: tick check (yes/no), tick risk minimisation details (tick boxes & comments section), multiple horses on one way bill, return trip (check box) and date, export functions including print/PDF, temperature capture (with 3-10 days of readings) for endurance riders, signature on exports if required and so many more!

If you have any questions about “Horse Tracks” or maybe you have a suggestion for us to add to the app to make it just that much better, send us a message?on Facebook or direct to mobile: 0402133856 or email The Smart Business Clinic operates to help small business’s achieve greater success through integrated IT solutions – please send us a message if you think we may be able to help you out!

Here are the links for the Horse Tracks App:?iPhone?&?Android?

Horse Tracks Logo

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