Top tips to improve your Horse Tracks experience

Hi Horse Trackers!Maintenance section in Horse Tracks app

We are currently in the midst of working on our next exciting update for The Horse Tracks App. This update will include:

  • A maintenance section for you to record your vet appointments (Especially good for your vaccinations such as Hendra, 2 in 1, Tetanus etc), Farrier or Bare Foot Trim appointments, Massage or Chiro appointments and Dental appointments plus others
  • You will be able to set reminders for upcoming appointments also
  • A history of all your appointments for each horse will be available too

In the mean time I wanted to give a few tips on how to get the most out of the app:

  • Make sure to fill in all details of your horses profile – it helps for the forms that you create later
  • If you want to delete a record, please swipe backwards on that record
  • If you loose your app, please just re-install using the email you originally logged in with (no charges apply)
  • If you are sending emails from the app you can edit them once they?pop up
  • If you haven’t used the app in a while please check to make sure you have the latest update
  • You can log up to 4 horses per movement record to save time
  • If you aren’t using your default mail app or Gmail you may experience some issues emailing – please email us to discussMaintenance Section
  • If you have any questions or concerns at all, we really encourage you to talk to us – we have great customer service & 99.9% of the time we have the solution to your problem


We appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you may have.

Contact us at Or on our Facebook Page:?

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