How to create a movement record or waybill in Horse Tracks APP

How to create a HORSE TRACKS?movement record/waybill:?New look Horse Tracks App

Log in to ?Horse Tracks? using your email & password, fill in your profile & horse/s profile

  1. Press ?Log Horse Movement? button (date/name automatically fill from your profile)
  2. Under ?Horse? select the horse/s you are moving from the dropdown list
  3. In ?Event Name? type in the name of the event/reason for movement
  4. Select a ?From Address? (usually your home or agistment facility) OR
  5. Add ?New Location?

Note: if you make an error, simply save location as it is & return to the movement record & select ?New Location? again, you can manage/delete your locations in the ?Locations? tab at a later time

  1. Select a ?To Address? (the location you intend to ride at or end the ride at) OR?Horse Tracks movement record
  2. Add ?New Location?
  3. Optional: Press + button beside ?Health Declaration? if required, and tick the agree button at end
  4. Optional: Press + button beside ?Cattle Tick Management? if required, and tick ?Visual Inspection? or ?Tick Spray? and type any other requirements met in the text field below
  5. Optional: Tick ?Return Trip? if you are returning to your ?From Address?
  6. Press ?Save Movement? button
  7. Saved movement record will appear in your ?Movements? tab under ?History?

Note 2: If you make an error and notice after you have saved the movement you can delete it in “History” (find the record and swipe left then press delete), it only takes a few seconds to recreate a?record and to keep our data integrity we haven’t allowed editing as each movement has a unique serial number for legal purposes.?

If you get stuck send us an email:, we offer supportmovement record screen?7 days a week!

PS. There’s no such thing as a silly question, we want to make sure the app is usable for everyone.?

PPS. We are currently working with show societies/organisers, vets, equine dentists, farriers, therapists, pony clubs and other horse organisations to make Horse Tracks bigger and better than ever, if you have any suggestions please send to the above email address or contact us on Facebook:?

Horse Tracks or Horse Tracks Lite (free) can be found in your App Store:

Google Play App Store?

iTunes App Store?

Happy Horse Tracking!?


2 thoughts on “How to create a movement record or waybill in Horse Tracks APP

  • Can I do previous horse movements from earlier in the year? So I can have all my records in the one place.

    Can you print the records as a backup?

    • You can enter all of your past records, their is a drop down date selector, just choose the date and add the record. Yes you can print each record off each record if you need to however, our system is cloud based and unlikely to have any issues with recovery of data.

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