Horse Tracks App: How to create a movement record / waybill

Here?s a quick video on how to make a movement record on the Horse Tracks app.

Once you have downloaded the app in your iTunes or Google Play Store you will need to register with an email address and create a password, then log in you so you can fill out your profile including RBE number, address, email and your phone number. Then enjoy filling out your horse/s profile including a photo (where possible you should include the brand or any special markings). Make sure to add a few common locations such as the place your horse normally resides and pony club etc and make note of their PIC number. You can start to create waybills or movement records for each time you and your horse travel away from your home or agistment facility. Check out the video below for the how to make a movement record. If you make an error, please refer to the video here on how to delete a record. Please note that this is shown on an iPhone but Android devices are quite similar.

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