Horse Tracks App: NEW! Health Check button

Horse Tracks App Health CheckWhoa! Where has the year gone? We’ve been hard at work making improvements to the Horse Tracks app in our spare time (What’s that?). Our next release will include the highly anticipated “Log Health Check” button.

This button will allow you to keep tabs on the health of each of your Equine friends. Select “Log Health Check” once you are logged into the app to select a date, the horse/donkey/ass/equine etc then take measurements for:

  • MUSCULOSKELETAL Horse Tracks Health Check

Then select “Save Health Check” and it will remain in your history to pull up whenever you need to access this information. Perfect for when your vet needs to know how your elite equine athlete has been before competing or for endurance rides/races for taking the temperature measurements required pre-event.

We are still taking suggestions so if you have an item you would like included in the Health Check form for Horse Tracks please email us at or message us on Facebook:

Horse Tracks Health Check

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